Funding Inko's development

Published on:

To sustain the development of Inko and cover any hosting costs, we now accept donations on Open Collective. Our first goal is to cover the costs of renting a Windows server for running tests and building releases. In the future we also hope to fund the development, though we expect it will take time to reach this goal.

Open Collective is a bit different from other donation platforms such as Patreon. Instead of directly receiving donations, they are instead transferred to a fiscal host. Contributors in turn submit expense reports to the fiscal host, which will periodically pay out the contributors. The benefit of this setup is not having to set up a (non-profit) organisation of sorts, which makes administration.

Open Collective also has other benefits, such as:

  • All expenses are public, allowing anybody to see what the funds are used for.
  • Open Collective itself is Free Software, instead of a proprietary platform.
  • Taxes are made easier as you don't need to set up an organisation to receive funds, unless you want to be your own fiscal host.
  • A large user base, including various large organisations. This should make it easier to attract donations, compared to when one would use an unknown platform.

With Open Collective set up, we have made changes to the website to show current sponsors. There is a Sponsors page that shows everybody who periodically donates, and those donating more than €100/month will also be displayed on the homepage. In the future we may offer more benefits to sponsors.

If you would like to support the development of Inko, please consider donating €5 or more per month via Open Collective.