Inko has migrated (back) to GitHub

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In 2018 we migrated from GitHub to, as the features provided by GitLab at the time far exceeded that of GitHub, such as a good continuous integration service. While using a service other than GitHub meant we'd likely see fewer contributions, we had hope that would become more popular over time.

Unfortunately, this never happened, and GitHub as a whole has much improved since 2018. In addition, GitHub has various features we'd like to use that GitLab is missing, such as content moderation support and discussion forums.

One of our goals for 2023 is to increase awareness and interest in Inko, and attract more contributors to the project. It has become clear we can't achieve those goals if we isolate ourselves from the platform (GitHub) most developers are familiar with. As such we've decided to move all Inko related projects from GitLab back to GitHub, and you can now find us here. The website and documentation have all been updated accordingly. The GitLab projects are still available but archived, ensuring any links to them remain accessible.

As part of this work we've also ensured all projects use "main" as the default branch, instead of a mixture of "main" for newer projects and "master" for some of the older ones, so make sure to update any Git clones accordingly.