Inko is now available on Docker Hub

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You can now install Inko using Docker or Podman, as we now publish official Docker images to Docker Hub.

Our Docker images are published in the inkolang/inko Docker Hub repository, and are based on Alpine Linux. You can install these images as follows:

docker pull inkolang/inko:0.8.1 # When using Docker
podman pull inkolang/inko:0.8.1 # When using Podman

You can then run Inko as follows:

docker run inkolang/inko:0.8.1 inko --version # When using Docker
podman run inkolang/inko:0.8.1 inko --version # When using Podman

For now we only publish Docker images for tags, so there's no "latest" tag.

For more information, refer to the Docker installation manual.